Pollster that worked for KCCI accused of fraud by Kos

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Register column bashes Humane Society of the United States

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Quite justifiably too. There are some corporate sponsors for HSUS that you might want to ask why they want to regulate Iowa’s biggest industry to death:

Bank of America






and Microsoft

Branstad and “Moonbeam” sitting in a tree

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Retread gubernatorial candidate Terry Branstad just has to love being in the august company of one of the nation’s kookiest former governors, Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown of California.

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Little desperate are we, Senator Harkin?

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This is the second graf of Senator Tom Harkin’s op-ed in today’s Des Moines Register:

One Nobel Prize-winning economist remarked that passage of the health reform bill is “a victory for America’s soul.” At long last, we will ensure every citizen has access to quality, affordable health insurance. The law also includes an array of provisions to strengthen the coverage of those who already have insurance.

Who is this, Nobel Prize-winning economist? Why it is far-left New York Times columnist Paul Krugman. Why could it be that Senator Harkin didn’t name this Nobel-prize winning economist?

Could it be that Krugman’s fanatical politics, brazen partisanship and liberal perch as a NYT’s columnist would tend to undermine his ability to influence Iowan’s? Obviously, Harkin thinks so, otherwise he would have named that economist, wouldn’t he?

Oh, and that line about “At long last we will ensure every citizen has access to quality, affordable health insurance.”? Note what it doesn’t say … that Americans actually WILL have quality affordable health insurance. The White House has already admitted that Obama’s massive powergrab will leave millions of Americans without health insurance.

Conveniently that sets things up so Democrats can come back in a couple years to say that there needs to be even more government control and even more new taxes so that we can close that gap. I am sure Harkin will have to be dragged kicking and screaming to the conclusion that Washington needs more control over our lives.

A big fat target on Iowa cities

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The Des Moines Register reports that Iowa lawmakers face another giant budget cutting chore. Thankfully, Fort Dodge has provided evidence that Iowa cities have so much spare cash that they can afford to pay their employees not to do any work at the same time they have enough other employees to keep all the city services running. Now we know where to cut.

Watching the movie tax credit train wreck

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A certain needlessly mean blogger has stumbled upon the truth about subsidizing movies. Not my beloved MSM’s finest hour.